P.P.H. MODUL manufactures many types of cabins ready for installation, primarily on ships and platforms as well as in the construction industry (hotels, hospitals and schools). Each cabin can be manufactured as a steel, panel or glass fibre laminate construction.

Steel cabins are self-supporting rigid structures, insulated with mineral wool (Rockwool) from the outside. The interior finishing features Perginol, terracotta, tiles or PVC (walls, floor and ceiling). Interior colours depend on customer requirements. Depending on the type, the weight of a fully equipped cabin is 330 to 730 kg.

Panel cabins are installed on a steel floor (base). In terms of design, they look the same as the steel cabins, except the interior finishing, which is only present on the floor (Perginol, terracotta or a special plastic). The panels are made of steel sheets coated with PVC in a colour specified by the customer. These cabins are lighter than steel cabins.

Each cabin supplied by P.P.H. MODUL is a compact ready-to-install module, fully equipped with all necessary sanitary fittings, water, sewage and electrical installation conforming to the technical requirements specified by the customer.

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